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What is HRM?
Human Resource Management is a department that will discuss employee and company relations. You will learn how to recruit, employment, training, performance management, compensation, employment, health and social relations. In a way, HRM is partially responsible for success in corporate organizations.

What is this department for you?

This field matches, if you support:
1. work with people
2. play with numbers
3. serving people
4. help other people reach their targets
5. tutoring
6. consultation.

This field can also provide those of you who:
1. Like consultation
2. A good listener
3. Expert negotiation
4. Clever organization
5. Analyst
6. Be patient
7. Have verbal skills.

Fields studied in the HRM Department:
In this department, you will study the individual recruitment team and team building. Manage employee relations and comfort, and form insurance that will be obtained by employees.

In the first semester you will study mathematics, art, philosophy and social sciences. In the second year, students will be introduced to whatever psychology and deepen sociology. You will also study business management and HR management in the third year. You will get business administration courses including marketing, finance, accounting, information, information systems, and behavior in the last year. Before you graduate, you are required to have abilities under:

Understand labor regulations
Knowledge of labor regulations includes employee rights, salaries, benefits and health and safety benefits. This subject is important to ensure good relations between employees and the company.

Staff Recruitment and Determination
As the person in charge of human resources you will be equipped with the ability to choose prospective employees who discuss. The decision that you will make will produce the results of interviews, psychological tests and experiences issued by candidates.

Training and Improvement
As long as maintaining consistency of performance from employees. You are required to provide training and conduct various activities to generate work enthusiasm. This is done to boost the productivity of individuals and teams in the company.

Compensation and Benefits
You will focus and create a reward system that is appropriate for employees. This award is usually referred to as compensation or benefits.
The university is superior for human resource management

One of the universities that you can choose if you want to pursue this course is Devry University. Especially if you’re planning to study abroad, especially America. Devry University is one of the many private universities that have the title of experienced campus. Its work since 1931 has made this campus has a myriad of achievements as well as a powerful way to encourage student achievement